Configuration Options

cart_manager.php file contains the following config options for the package:

  1. driver : (default: DatabaseDriver) The driver that should be used to store and retrieve cart details. You can use existing ones or create your own.

  2. auth_guard : (default: web) The authentication guard that should be used to identify the logged in customer. This package can store carts for guest users as well as logged in users.

  3. shipping_charges : (default: 10) The amount that should be applied as shipping of the order.

  4. shipping_charges_threshold : (default: 100) The minimum order amount to avoid the shipping charges. Take a note that order amount is calculated as subtotal of the cart items - discount amount.

  5. tax_percentage : (default: 6%) Tax is applied on subtotal of the cart items - discount amount + shipping charges and rounded to 2 decimals.

  6. round_off_to : (default: 0.05) You may wish to round of the order amount to the nearest decimal point. Options are (0 or 0.05 or 0.1 or 0.5 or 1)

  7. cookie_name : (default: cart_identifier) The name of the cookie that this package stores to identify the guests of the web app and store their cart data.

  8. cookie_lifetime : (default: 1 week) Number of minutes for which the cart cookie should be valid in customer's browser.

  9. LC_MONETARY : (default: en_US.UTF-8) This option is used to display the various totals of the cart with a currency symbol. We use php's native money_format() function to display currency with amount.

  10. cart_data_validity : (default: 1 week) (Database driver only) You may wish to remove old/invalid cart data from the database. You can specify the validity period and run/schedule the ClearCartDataCommand for the same.