Laravel Cart Manager

Let's make the cart management with Laravel a breeze.

Just another shopping cart package?

There are a few well maintained shopping cart packages available but I wanted to have a solution which feels like the Laravel way and is more coupled with the database and provides additional functionality like shipping charges, discount, tax, total, round off, guest carts, etc. out-of-box while staying a very easy to use package.

Why/when to use to use this package?

Let us decide when this package should be used?

  1. You are looking for an easy to use solution which provides cart feature for users as well as guests.
  2. You want to make sure that the carting can work via APIs as well to support mobile applications.
  3. You want features like Shipping charges, tax, discount, round off, etc.
  4. You want to store cart data in Database, session or at a custom place.
  5. You like using the packages which are more like the Laravel way

As Easy as 1 2 3

// Add to cart
$cart = Product::addToCart($productId);

// Remove from cart
$cart = cart()->removeAt($cartItemIndex);

// Apply discount
$cart = cart()->applyDiscount($percentage);

// Fetch cart
$cart = cart()->toArray();